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Foundation becomes Kiwanis Children’s Fund

This is an exciting time for the Kiwanis International Foundation. The rebranding of our foundation into the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has been approved by the Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees.

We believe the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is poised for greatness. We are excited to share with you some of the details behind what we know will be a fruitful, strategic move for all of Kiwanis. This decision was made after an extensive study and careful consideration.

  • Third-party consultants evaluated our foundation’s brand and recognized an opportunity to increase positive awareness and participation by connecting the name of our foundation to the Kiwanis motto: serving the children of the world.
  • A global survey in seven languages overwhelmingly supported Kiwanis members’ interest in a name change that ties our foundation to our mission.
  • The name change is a logical extension of Kiwanis International’s brand solidification.

The benefits of the rebranding efforts will be far-reaching. With enhanced understanding of our foundation’s purpose and a stronger intellectual and emotional connection to the Kiwanis motto, members will be more
predisposed to make donations to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. We believe this will lead to greater participation among clubs and individuals, increased availability of funds and, most importantly, more services provided to

The logistics of the change are well under way.

  • The Kiwanis International Foundation will be “doing business as” the Kiwanis Children’s Fund; so there are no legal changes required.
  • Kiwanis International and Kiwanis Children’s Fund staff members are updating materials in phases in order to implement the change as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal financial impact.
  • The logo for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund will stay aligned with the current Kiwanis International branding strategy. A sample of the logo is included at the bottom of this message.
  • Kiwanis International will craft special versions of the name “Kiwanis Children’s Fund” to reflect nuances in various languages and cultures. For example, through our survey, we learned that “fund” is an unfavorable term in South-America; so the Kiwanis Children’s Fund will be referred to in Spanish as the Kiwanis Children’s Foundation.
  • The Kiwanis Children’s Fund will continue implementing best practices for fundraising
    and distribution of funds to support Kiwanis clubs, districts and district foundations
    as they serve the children of the world.

We hope you share the same sense of excitement and optimism as we begin this important step into the future of
the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

Yours in service,
Jane M. Erickson              Chia Sing Hwang
2016–17 President            2016–17 President
Kiwanis International      Kiwanis Children’s Fund

One thought on “Foundation becomes Kiwanis Children’s Fund

  1. Hi,
    Sorry, but I do not think this was a good idea.I was also not in favour of the new motto “we serve the children of the world”. That meant limitation to one topic. Our motto “we build” was very good in many ways, it was positive, forward orientated, all embodying (peace, optimism, activity, caring for pople in need and many more). The same counts for the new name of our foundation, it becomes limitted to a “me-too” organisation. Worldwide we have so many organisations for kids that we as Kiwanians will add to a larger crowd of altruists, among which there are not few who use their engagement for commercial purposes. I do not want to be reconized as one of them as we sit next to eachother at the same table. My Kiwanis understanding is different.

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