Kiwanis International European Federation

Serving the children of the World.

Convention in Germany

The annual convention of the German district was held in Frankfurt (Oder), close to the german-polisch border.

Top guest at the convention where Jane Erickson, President of Kiwanis International and Trustee Chi-Chung Chian from Taiwan. Who ever met Jane, knows, that she inspirated with her keynote speach and presence. Chi-Chung expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the German district. Other foreign guests came from Austria, Estonia, the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey.

In the course of the general assembly the german district desided to install for the first time a Vice-Governor. Elected was Hermann Büsing from Kiwanis Club Braunschweig. As Governor elect 2017/18 the delegates elected Axel Götze-Rohen (KC Xanten), the current district secretary and chairman Branding, Marketing and Communications for Kiwanis Europe. Governor elect Burkhard Kemmann (KC Grünstadt-Leinigerland) was confirmed as Governor for 2017/18. The next secretary will be Reinhard Katz from KC Weinstrasse.

During the breakes, the Welcome Dinner and the Gala Night the delegates used the opportunity to make friends and refresh existing friendships. In the course of the Gala Night, Governor Ralf-Otto Gogolinski ceremoniously presented the annual Kiwanis award of 10.000 Euro to the local music school.

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