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Cooperation between Kiwanis Iceland-Faroes and JCI Iceland

Kiwanis Iceland-Faroes sign cooperation agreement with JCI Iceland

As we approach the last stretch of our 2016-2017 Kiwanis year, I’m happy to share with you some good news: our Island-Faroe district signs a cooperation agreement with JCI in Iceland. With the aim of promoting a better society and sharing experience, knowledge and skills, this partnership opens up for further enhancement of members’ social development, child support and reinforcement of communities. Congratulations to both teams within Kiwanis and JCI and I look forward to seeing the first common actions emerge.

Sjoerd Timmermans
2016-17 KI-EF President


Photo: Svava Arnardóttir, Governor JCI Iceland and Haukur Sveinbjörnsson, Governor Kiwanis Iceland-Faroes District

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