Kiwanis International European Federation

Serving the children of the World.

Together we can!

A new year is beginning; new programs, new (and old) faces and new goals.

The new European Service Project  called “Happy Child”.

We all know – because we see it  every day – that there is an important situation which is priority in Europe: refugee children without parents who come to our     countries. Unfortunately they often fall prey to criminal organizations and     disappear; those who manage to avoid this, the luckiest – do not live well    (for them this is almost an utopia) – but need to survive. They need everything:        medical care, food, clothing, education, and  more. We Kiwanians – that have a K engraved on our hearts – cannot stand by and look on but we must act. And we can do so through this new European project, which was desired by and designed by all our Governors, showing the real and practical implementation of our motto “Serving the children of the world”.

K.I.E – The new legal entity. – Kiwanis International Europe.

We’ve been talking about it for a long time and now it’s time to make it happen. Negotiations with the International Board will start from well-defined and clearly outlined points. Once agreed, we will go onto the final phase, which will see, as the protagonists, not the leaders of the KI-EF but the members of our European Federation which, after 50 years, will make the breakthrough,  launching the new Kiwanis in Europe: a Kiwanis as always devoted to children and to our motto but with more regional connotations and, therefore, more alert to the issues closest to us in Europe.


This is important, not because we have to be more, but because if we are more, then we can help many more children. So our goal is to have 50 new clubs in Europe and one new net member in each club.  If we reach this goal, there will be around 2,500 more members in Europe. And, importantly, we will have a tenth  district, Romania, which is growing rapidly. So pressing ahead, we can work, grow and fulfil our mission to help children.

The programs:

Administrative Transparency and Communication will be the cornerstones of this coming year. Everyone must get to know everything important and quickly. Hence a better and wiser use of economic resources – which are sadly lacking –  and above all through a wider and deeper use of new electronic media  (less travel, more electronic meetings); better and more widespread communication between the summit and the base, and among all members and clubs (newsletters, new websites); improving visibility through the implementation of more targeted communication campaigns and with a much more visual design; focus on young people with initiatives that are more attractive to them.

The new faces:

Some really young new entries like O’Cheng and Ståle (enthusiastic and dynamic); some slightly more mature but equally enthusiastic like Jon Fadri, Nathalie and Carola; and then the evergreen pillars of the Federation like Marie-Jeanne, Vincent, Ernst and Gianfilippo; many  reconfirmations (never change a winning team). All of these are already at work and are overcoming all difficulties: the target is there, close:  Save a child!

So,  let’s  work all together for this; let’s work with them; let’s get to the finishing line; let’s save a child. Let’s do it together because, dear friends, Together we can.

Piero Grasso
2017-18 KI-EF President

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