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Immediately the Board met in mid-October, where the new Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (PP&G ) were approved. This review was much needed and long overdue.

Happy Child: the Service! A quick start from the Committee Chairs Josy – who is also Belux  District Governor  – and Giuseppe – Italy – San Marino District Governor. Both have studied and launched exceptional programs.

The volcanic Communications Committee never sleeps, they’re always working! So active that sometimes you have to tell them to stop. But what can I do? they continue!!!  Not to mention the Secretary’s office, tirelessly directed by Francesco.

The training season is coming now: First Train the Trainers (24-25 Nov 2017) and then District Officer Training (2-3 Feb 2018).

Finally, the KI-EF Governors: I am in close contact with each one of them, and before Christmas comes, I will have several contacts with them via teleconference.

As for me? I look, fascinated, at this team of individually normal people who, when working together, are capable of doing exceptional things!

Do you know why? Because Together we can

Read the President’s full message

Happy Child is on the way…

The tools and information to get our European project up and running are now available. You will find them on

• A general presentation

• A specific presentation “Happy Child Syria”

• A flyer 

Have a look and start and start using them.

Let’s give a chance to refugee children who are left on their own!


Kiwanis One Day  – A UK Experience

Every year currently on the fourth Saturday of October, Kiwanians around the world join in a day of service. On October 28, Kiwanians in the UK collaborated for the second consecutive year to bring happiness to the children of St. George’s Hospital.

In 2016 with the help Young Professional President Elect Antoinette Brown we spent time with children and their parents in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. This year Kiwanis UK was able to secure a play area in the hospital as well where children could drop in eat, play games, meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and we were also able to give the kids some Kiwanis Dolls!

Plan for next year and read more about Kiwanis International One Day here.


Full message on this link


A New director of membership and programs for Europe

Jan Van Hove, age 40, Belgian & Ghent citizen, recently joined the Kiwanis Member Support Center for Europe located in Ghent as director of membership and programs for Europe. He takes over from Ruth Gabler who, after performing an excellent job, went back to Austria to practice her first passion: fund raising. Good luck, Ruth!

Learn more about Jan through this interview.



Governor Elect Training

Oskar Gudjonsson along with the next years group of KI-EF Governors just went through their initial Kiwanis International officer training in Indianapolis earlier this month. Look out for a more detailed report and revealing photos in extensive details on our website! 



We Need You!

If you have valuable contacts in foreign countries would you be willing to help spread the Kiwanis word and contribute to opening new clubs?

If so, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with the Chair of the New District Building Committee at

Help us increase our footprint in the following countries: Albania, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Czech Republic & Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and UK.

Read the full message here


In issue one we forgot to mention in the last page that there are a number of nations in Europe where we have clubs that have no representative on the KI-EF Board.These nations include: Turkey, Albania, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Spain & Portugal.

What’s Occurring

Executive Committee meeting (24 Nov 2017)

Train the Trainers (24-25 Nov 2017)

Annual Quiz Night KC London SE (26 Nov 2017)

50 Year KC Lausanne (4 Dec 2017)

For a full list of events please see our calendar of events at

Please send us your events too!

 Questions or comments? E-mail us at



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