Kiwanis International European Federation

Serving the children of the World.

And we started… running!

Immediately the Board met, in mid-October, where the new PP & G (Policies Procedures and Guidelines) were approved. This review was much needed and long overdue. All the changes made earlier were collected in a single in fact, rather large document – – but certainly easy to read. In addition, the Youth Camp procedures have been radically modified to better regulate them in order to ensure a more and more healthy and serene environment for young people (and insist on telling young people) who will attend them. Finally, some rules, that previously had some complex interpretations, were better clarified.

Did we finish?

Absolutely not! Our Advisor Manfred, along with Nathalie – Chair of Resolutions – is constantly working to make our legislation better and more up to date.

Happy Child: the Service!

Quick start for the Committee Chair  Josy – who is also Belux  District Governor  – and also of Giuseppe – Italy – San Marino District Governor. Both have studied and launched exceptional programs that soon will bring their fruits allowing dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of children  to live a better life. Giuseppe also made an agreement with an important chocolate factory  who, when selling his products, will pay a part of the price to the Happy Child Service! And, I think – no,  I’m sure – that some of this chocolate will go to the children!

The communication:

The volcanic committee never sleeps, they’re always working! So active that sometimes you have to tell them to stop. But what can I do? they continue!!!  And then:  the web site full of new arguments (go to the various pages and you’ll have some great surprises); the Facebook page, where you do not have time to do something that … is already posted there! In beautiful view! The new Happy Child brand:  done in no time; this Newsletter: you do not have time to write it then you have to start preparing for the next!

Not to mention the Secretary’s office, tirelessly directed by Francesco who manages to answer hundreds of emails per day and, apparently, effortlessly: He occasionally complains but… he continues imperturbable!

The training season is coming now: First Train the Trainers (TtT) and then District Officer Training (DOT);  both engage Oskar and his team who are already working and planning next year with the Governors Elect, obviously to help the children.

Finally, the Governors: I am in close contact with each one of them, and before Christmas comes, I will have several contacts with them via teleconference. I know, however, that everyone is busy and working hard in their districts to carry on their service programs. Many are also very busy on the growth front and, forgive me, here again  I have to talk about my friend Giuseppe who, first, signed the charter for a new club in October. Thanks Giuseppe!

I didn’t mention a few, but I did it right: not because these don’t work but because I will do it in the next newsletter! And for me? I look, fascinated, this team of individually normal people who when working together are capable of doing exceptional  things! Do you know why? Because Together we can!


Piero Grasso
KI-EF President 2017-2018

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