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Valentine camps in the Swiss mountains

The Valentine Camps are organized for kids treated in the pediatric hematology and oncology department of the Belgian Saint-Luc University Clinic. They offer sick children stays in the mountains during the winter and summer.

The idea of the camps was created 30 years ago by Father Devos, who’s kid Valentine was suffering and had quite good results with high mountain stages. Immediately Kiwanisclubs from all regions stepped on the train, mostly under impulse of our at that time Foundation Trustee Wahib Aladin (CH).

On today the Kiwanis input is ongoing, in collaboration with Lions and Rotarians the Belgian Kiwanis club of La Louviere La Louve organizes for the 13th time a fundraising bike trip named “Route des Camps Vanlentine”. In collaboration with Kiwanis clubs from Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland they are currently biking in a 7 stages tour towards Saas Grund, where they will be received by the nearly 30 kids that are currently there in the camp.

Sponsoring is given at a rate of 0,25€ of 0,50FS/kilometre for a trip of about 1000 kilometres.


A stock market for social projects, what the hell is this ?

Kiwanis Club from Braine le Comte Soignies came to the idea to create a platform for presenting and offering projects in conjunction with local institutes. Service clubs can discuss trough this website with the institute which part of the project can be sponsored.

Combining the wisdom for developing new idea.

Read all about the KIAIDEKI project (who’s helping who) and about other experiences you can share with the club of Braine le Comte Soignies, beware you are in Belgium.


International Contacts

As Kiwanis is a global organisation it is always good to extend your horizon to foreign countries. Meeting a local Kiwanis Club is always a great experience. 

Read here the story of the Wiener trip last december of the French Club of Dinan Pays de Rance with an adapted concert and meeting with the 5 Wiener clubs. See by the way what this club does as yearly festival, in the Bay of the Mont St.Michel !


Goals and Conditions

This page has been created to communicate about actions and realizations that go over the usual and  link to an item of general intrest for Kiwanians.

You can send your input for this page to

There are some small conditions which the committee will handle

  • the text is maximally 100 words long
  • the text is written in English
  • no announces for activities or fundraising events find their place here
  • one or maximally two pictures can be joined; the pictures should be of good quality
  • the pictures should reflect the impact of the action: Children should be central in the picture
  • pictures of dinners and of groups of members will be banned.
  • the activity should be recent
  • the published subjects will be classified in groups relating the main treated subject

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