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Youth Camps 2017

Registration prolonged
until 31.03.2017!!

You speak a little English so that you can chat with others of the same age? Would you like to meet young people from all over Europe? Then apply immediately for a Kiwanis Youth Camp 2017. De Panne and Malbun are the destinations for the two Camps 2017.  40 to 45 young people aged between 16 and 21 are invited to join the camps in Belgium and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The package price of 200 Euro includes accommodation, meals and excursions. The respective District regulates travel expenses.

Fun, action, friendship and training sessions are on the agenda during the camp week. Workshops, excursions, shopping and party will not be missing. Visit our Facebook-Site to stay informed.

Camp dates:
De Panne, BE, July 17 – 23, 2017
Malbun, LI, July 31 – August 6, 2017

Meet people from all over Europe, experience other cultures, build friendships and learn what it means to be a real leader. Moreover, workshops, excursions, shopping visits, a charity activity, swimming, a farewell party (Gala night) and lots of fun are on the agenda.

The basic conditions for participation are:

  • Age between 16 and 21 years by preference on date of 1.7.2017
  • Not having participated already 2 times at a camp
  • Having practical knowledge of the English language
  • Having a clear criminal background check for all participants older than 18 on date 
of 1.6.2017
  • Accepting the youth camp rules
  • Sending the registration form by at least end February 2017 to
  • Paying the participation fee of 200 €/participant. An invoice will be sent to the District 
after closing of the registration together with the final destination of the participants. The transportation cost to the camp is not included in the participation fee. These cost will be covered by the respective district, after having received the KI-EF confirmation.
  • Nations applying for a participation of more than one group of 5+1 shall only be accepted if all other nations have confirmed their participation, under condition the limit of 120 pax is not reached
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Click the picture to watch a video of the 2013 Youth Camp in Wuppertal

If you are interested in participating in a Summer Camp 2017, then apply quickly. Application forms are available. Please read firstly the Youth Camp rules and join the signed document to before February 28th 2017.

pdf-155498_1280 pdf-155498_1280 pdf-155498_1280
Camp rules Registration form

Criminal History

Background Check

First name (required)

Surname (required)

Street (required)

Postcode/ZIP (required)

City (required)

Country (required)

Date of birth (required)

Age in camp (required)

Preference camp (required)
De Panne (Belgium)Malbun (Liechtenstein)

T-Shirt size (required) SMLXLXXL

Vegetarian? NoYes

Swimmer? NoYes

Medical treatment? NoYes

which treatments?

Allergies? NoYes

which allergies?

Photo/Video permission? ** Yes!

Your e-mail (required)


Parents / Contact persons telephone


I accept and will respect the camp rules!

** By signing this registration form I understand and agree that by attending the KI-EF Youth Camp or related activities, registrants agree to be photographed by any means and allow Kiwanis the right to use photos, video film likeness for any purpose without compensation or notice.

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