Kiwanis International European Federation

Serving the children of the World.


Dear friends,

It’s been a year since, all together, we started the Kiwanian year that saw us as protagonists.
It is time, now, to sum up and see if we have achieved the goals we had set ourselves or not:

  • Growth:  it was not particularly exciting because we managed to have only 28 new clubs; they could have been more, but we have to be content and hope that, on September 30th – a fateful date for all the districts –  many do not close. In any case, a numerical increase was there but not very satisfactory. At international level we have grown, although slightly, with about 3.5% more members than the previous year. I would say, if you agree, that the growth goal has not been perfectly achieved; in fact, it could have been better!
  • Service Happy Child: The Service is developing in almost all the districts. I thank my successor Oskar for having decided to continue in this service, also keeping the European Chair in a vision of continuity. This is a very good thing and I hope  next year this service will develop. Goal achieved!
  • KI-EF Convention: Who was there can say that it was a beautiful convention that saw the participation of about 650 people including 480 delegates. A positive note is the economic balance of the convention which  shows an active balance of about € 36,000 which, of course, gives me a lot of satisfaction. Goal achieved!
  • Youth Camp: I visited the Youth Camp in Ebnit (Austria). I had a very good impression about the leaders  of the camp, the organization and the activity.  The leaders  team was superb and also the younger team was a nice group. The new rules of the camps work,  so I hope, in the future, that those camps will grow in the number   and they will be organized  by many  different districts. Goal achieved!
  • B&M + Communications: This year the communication was very important for my team. I think that to have the news about what happen inside the European  clubs and Districts is very important. So this year we had a new  web site – more  modern and dynamic – and a Facebook page – of immediate reading. I am sure that the communications,   today,  arrived at a particularly high level and I hope they will continue in this way in the next years. Goal achieved!

Therefore, we can say that, together, we have achieved almost all the objectives so  we can consider ourselves moderately satisfied.

We leave, in fact, for our successors a European Federation in order, with the accounts  in good condition.

For this I must thank all the members – none excluded – of the Executive Committee, of the Board, of the Committees: without their everyday work done in the shadows and without asking anything, we would not have been able to get where we are now.

Thank you all, really thank you. Thank you for doing a good team work applying exactly  the motto

It ends this year, but not the Kiwanis.
Only the captain changes, not the needs of less fortunate children.
So, dear friends, let’s get together around the new leader Oskar and help him to do what we do best – Service!
But let’s do it all together because …

…. Together we can!


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