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Working together towards our goals is only possible with real team play.

My motto "Tune In, Play On" comes from the world of music, where an orchestra can only make good music if every musician and the conductor are in tune with each other: "Tune In!" ... and "Play On" is about us, as we want to continue making music with our Kiwanis orchestra. Because our mission to help children is still urgent – perhaps even more so now than before.

We have challenging goals, so let's get to work: "Music Maestro". Play on is what we wish for all children – to be Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Loved.

Wishing all Kiwanians a good year, with good challenges!




KI-E President-elect Martien van der Meer and KI-E President Josef-Peter Schachermayr during the function passing ceremony.
Another Kiwanis year has just passed! A year that has not been easy as not only were we still not rid of covid but war broke out in Ukraine. But no matter, Kiwanians have mobilized to help Ukrainian refugees and continue their efforts to improve the lives of children wherever they need it most.

The next Kiwanis year is shaping up to be a challenging one. The KI-E leadership team met to review the past year and set goals and priorities for the coming year. In a moving handover ceremony, KI-E leaders committed to ensuring optimal governance to better serve children!






Before becoming President is the time of learning. Learning how the interrelationships in Europe work, who the key people in Europe are, and how life works together. At this level, it's mainly about politics and strategy. It's a game that I've had the privilege of observing for years. And now, after finalizing the transition from the European Federation to Europe, I would finally like to work again. Work in the sense of Kiwanis.

My preliminary work for my year in the office does not show the best picture in the world. But during all the years, I learned one thing: Start with one step, followed by the next one. Small steps, so everybody can follow you.

  • Expansion of the Kiwanis Academy: The plan is to offer training in all national languages. We are all challenged to make suggestions, translate existing training materials into our national languages, and look for speakers.
  • Marketing: The development of the marketing library, which is open to all members, the website, now appears again in several languages, and the planned upcoming projects fill me with joy and pride. It is an important area for our future, and we will make real progress here.
  • Young Kiwanians: Kiwanis and most of our clubs were founded by members between 30 and 45. I am glad that some new ideas and momentum are finally coming with our younger members into our organization. So we will definitely have a Young Kiwanis Summit again next term, organized by young Kiwanians, held by young Kiwanians.
  • Support Kiwanis Children Fund Europe. In this organization, we now have a great European, a passionate Kiwanian, at the helm next year: Filip Delanote. Together, we will develop a joint project again and bring it to a successful conclusion like Romania's shoe project.
  • Last but not least:  Club development. More hands mean more help. My wish is to have one net new member per club whilst expanding our footprint in Europe with the creation of (net) new clubs. Each of our members should approach at least four people and tell them about Kiwanis. We should share these stories that will be part of our collective history and legacy, and we will find that others will be eager to follow our example.

Therefore, it is a great honor for me to be the President of all European Kiwanians this year. Not for the first time, after I visited a small Icelandic island, I felt I could be more than proud of what we could achieve together. Suppose a club in a city with less than 5,000 inhabitants can manage to become the biggest club in Europe. In that case, we will also work to succeed in our metropolises with millions of inhabitants.

I am looking forward to that.






At the end of September, my term of office will come to an end and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful and exciting time I have had.

I am leaving the Presidium with one eye crying and one eye laughing. On the one hand, I will miss the cooperation as well as the exciting tasks and experiences within the framework of our previous activities. At the same time, I am of course looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that will be presented to us in the future.

I am grateful that we were able to be part of the big international Kiwanis family together with the team in Ghent last year. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank you again personally for your active voluntary support in the past year.

I will be succeeded by Sepp Schachermayr on 1 October 2021. I am convinced that he will continue to pursue the current goals of Kiwanis in Europe – that is, that together we will

Become a more modern organization
Stop being so traditional
Become more creative
Will have more qualified and trained volunteer leadership
If we manage to implement this together, we will also be able to attract younger people to our common idea – a very big challenge in today's world.t.