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February, 2nd 2021

On 1st February 2021, the European Board concluded that conducting a convention for the 2020-21 administrative year would be inadvisable and impracticable because of the persistent health threat to Kiwanis members, their families and all individuals traveling to and from the convention.
The 2021 Kiwanis European Convention will be organized as an ONLINE MEETING open for all European members.

Additional questions can be sent to





October, 1st 2020
Dear Kiwanis Friends
It is with great pleasure that I took over the office of European President on 1st October. I invested a lot of time in the preparation and everything was well planned. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in the world in the last few months, requiring a lot of flexibility from all of us and one thing is clear: The crisis we are facing these days is different. It can affect each and every one of us - certainly with varying force, but we all experience limitations and nobody can buy his or her way out of them. What protects us is keeping our distances. Very simple things from our perspective. But how can people in overcrowded refugee camps keep their distances? How are people supposed to wash their hands where there is not even water, let alone soap? The coronavirus is not just a health crisis. In view of this disaster, it is a moral obligation to help.
As members of one of the largest volunteer organizations, which primarily works to help children thrive, we as Kiwanians also have a role model function! People around the world now need our solidarity. We must be aware of this responsibility and live up to it.
Jon Fadri Huder, KI-E President 2020-21



June, 3rd 2020

Stan D. Soderstrom is the executive director of Kiwanis International and the Kiwanis Children's Fund. His background includes global and community-based work in the public and private sectors.

Watching the civil unrest in the United States in recent days, our organization's initial response was to encourage calm and patience — and to listen.

In recent days, we have heard from some members who have told us that is not enough.

We are listening. We are learning. And as we do, we also want to be clear on where we stand.

Kiwanis International does not tolerate racism. We know that black lives matter. We value inclusion from every community in every nation. We also know there's more work to be done.

We know that in the United States, citizens have a right to protest, to advocate and to petition their government for redress of grievances. We support both the responsible exercise of this right and the freedom to use it without the fear of physical violence.

We are saddened by the vandalism and violence but can understand how we've gotten here.

The Kiwanis family will continue to stand for bringing people together to make a difference in any and every community we can. Our solution is not to be the loudest voice on any specific issue, but to help everyone see that resolution can only come by listening and working together. That has been a successful strategy for Kiwanis for more than a century, and it can be the only path forward for our members in the United States and around the world




August 2020
A joint Statement from Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, Optimist International, and Rotary International

Woven through the fabric of virtually every community on earth, service clubs of Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, Optimist International, and Rotary International are working safely and diligently to maintain connections with each other and our neighbors so that we can cope with and overcome the effects of COVID-19. We are leveraging the strength of our combined networks of 3.2 million members to provide comfort and hope to those feeling the effects of isolation and fear. And we are focusing our collective skills, resources and ideas to support frontline health workers and first responders as they battle this disease and save lives.

In these times of uncertainty, your local service clubs remain committed to meeting the challenge of finding innovative ways to take action together to help communities around the globe heal and thrive – and become more united than ever.

"The global effort against COVID-19 depends on actions taken in every country. As people of action, this is our time to connect with each other to offer immediate help to people in need." – Mark Daniel Maloney, Rotary International President, 2019-2020.

"The scale and magnitude of this global pandemic requires our world's citizenry to heed the advice and cautions of the Experts. The work and plans of our collective members and volunteers must not cease! Our immediate response after the crisis will be necessary to support local governments responding to the many social and economic challenges that will ensue in the aftermath of this crisis." – Adrian Elcock, Optimist International President, 2019-2020.

"Great challenges test us, but they also bring us together. Lions are finding new ways to safely serve. Our Lions Clubs International Foundation has granted over one million dollars to help communities facing extreme rates of COVID-19, and additional grant requests are being received daily. Our communities depend on service clubs, and we will be there, supporting and strengthening them together." – Dr. Jung-Yul Choi, Lions Clubs International President, 2019-2020.

"During these difficult times, we're seeing everyday heroism across the globe. I encourage us all to recognize the health and safety professionals who are putting their own health at risk for the greater good. To the educators, grocery workers, delivery drivers and the countless professionals who can't stay home, the Kiwanis family thanks you. We all play an important role in keeping our friends and neighbors safe. Please follow the advice of the World Health Organization, your local health agencies and the instructions given by your Government. Please, stay safe." – Daniel Vigneron, Kiwanis International President, 2019-2020.