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Once you try to access one of the pages below, you will be asked to log in. In order to receive your credentials, send a (blank) email to If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, check your spam folder. For further questions and suggestions, please contact





After you successfully log in to the restricted area and select the category you are interested in (images, layouts, documents etc), you will be able to facilitate your search by typing some keywords in the search box. Once you have come across the file you wish to use, click on it and it will be automatically downloaded to your PC.

Should you wish to share images/photographs with Kiwanis Europe, you declare that you own all rights and that you grant them to Kiwanis for non-commercial purposes.
The operator of the portal, Kiwanis Europe, assumes no liability for the violation of intellectual property rights.
Copyright notices included in a layout would not and must not be removed.
Granting third parties some of the rights you have to the photograph requires explicit permission.





In case you need to use the services of a professional agency, we have got you covered! Contact the agency working with Kiwanis Europe ( or and they will send you a cost estimate for the services you'd like to purchase.






The database must be considered as a "living document". Input of all Kiwanis members in Europe is most welcome. Feel free to provide us with images, layouts and relevant documents while taking into consideration the legal information above.
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