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Summer 2018 Youth Camp in Ebnit, Austria

Welcome to the Kiwanis Austria Summer 2018 Youth Camp in Ebnit, AU

What you are looking into …
Meet people from all over Europe, experience other cultures, build friendships and learn what it means to be a real leader. Moreover, workshops, excursions, shopping visits, a charity activity, swimming, a farewell party (Gala night) and lots of fun are on the agenda.

Aged between 16 and 21 you are able to speak at least Basic English (official Camp language). Ideally, you are also interested in getting to know youngsters from all over Europe. Please remember:

No drugs, alcohol or smoking in the Youth Camp !!!

Camp Fee
Your fee for the camp amounts to €200. Your nation’s District will invoice the participation fee. Thanks to Kiwanis Austria, the rest of the event is being subsidised. However, you or your corresponding District will have to cover the travel costs.

Valid passport, national flag, international health insurance, personal medication (if required), ingredients for your nation’s presentation (song, dance, typical food, photos, PowerPoint, video), pocket money (€)

Keen to go to a Youth Camp?

Have a look at this year’s event on Facebook “Kiwanis Youth Camp 2018”.
Apply for the Camp on until May 31st, 2018


Program 2018 (tentative)
During the 8 days, you will be looking into a thrilling mix of …

Sunday:                   Arrival, Check-in, Icebreaker, Sports & Games,  Opening Session, Nations’ presentation
Monday:                 Morning Stretch, Photo Shooting, Welcome  Address, Sightseeing and Shopping, Nations’ presentation
Tuesday:                Morning Stretch, Workshops, Sports & Games etc.
Wednesday:         Morning Stretch, Sightseeing and Culture Day with leisure time, BBQ, Nations’ pres.
Thursday:              Morning Stretch, Cross-Country Hike, Visiting Bregenz
Friday:                   Morning Stretch, Workshops, Charity Project, preparing Gala Night, Sports & Games,
Saturday:              Morning Stretch, Kiwanis-Day Austria, Gala Night & Certification with KC Dornbirn
:                   Closing the Camp, Departure (after breakfast)

What needs to be in your luggage !
Sleeping bag and sheet (!!), towels, articles for personal hygiene, sun and mosquito protection, adequate clothing (in- and outdoor activities, sneakers/ trainers, soft-shell jacket, swimsuit, proper clothes for Gala Night).

 Registration: first come = first served !

Register on until May 31st, 2018

For registration use the following documents

After successful admittance to the Camp, each participant will receive further details regarding logistics and transportation.

If you want to have copy if this message to send to your friends download here in 2 parts the info and the figures

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